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The ultimate set of disk utilities in one convenient package

Date Added: January 06, 2020 10:52:24 AM
Author: Harold H Jackson
Category: Computer
With more of our lives relying on digital content, it has never been more important to protect our data in every way possible. All too often does a single error or apparently minor hardware failure lead to data loss which, in some cases can be catastrophic. Since there are many things which can go wrong, you need to implement multiple levels of protection, and this is especially the case in business environments where digital data is often the most valuable asset of all. Sometimes, you might need to take a last ditch attempt at recovering deleted data. In other cases, you might need to securely erase disks so that no unauthorized third parties can obtain access to sensitive data. Additionally, almost every computer user should be in the habit of backing up their files with a fool-proof method which doesn't leave anything to chance. If any of these situations is familiar, then Active@ Data Studio provides the ultimate set of disk utilities you need to protect your digital life. The first contingency that everyone should have in place when it comes to keeping their data safe is a robust backup solution that leaves nothing to chance. This package includes Active@ Disk Image 9.5, which allows you to create a complete, byte-by-byte image of all the data on any given storage device. This ensures that nothing ends up getting forgotten about. But disk imaging is not only useful for keeping data safe; it's also invaluable when you need to migrate your files over to a new hard drive or storage device. For example, performing a clean install of Windows or any other system can take a long time, especially when you need to manually download and install all your applications and copy over all your personal data. With a complete disk image, you can simply extract it to the new computer or hard drive and continue where you left off. Active@ Data Studio comes with the latest data recovery solutions: Active@ UNDELETE 16, Active@ File Recovery 19, and Active@ Partition Recovery, for recovering data in a wide variety of circumstances. For example, if you've accidentally deleted a partition or emptied the recycle bin, these apps exploit the window of opportunity you have before the lost data becomes unrecoverable due to being permanently overwritten. To increase the chances of a successful recovery, all these programs can work in their own self-contained operating environment, which is based on a barebones version of the familiar Windows 10 operating system. Active@ Boot Disk includes a wide range of utilities you can access even if your regular operating system refused to boot. You can also regain access to locked systems using Active@ Password Changer 10. Alternatively, your goal might be secure data erasure, especially if you're planning to sell or donate your computer. For this, you can use Active@ KillDisk 12 to securely erase all data on the drive by overwriting it with zeros. This works with multiple passes to support 23 globally recognized security standards including the US Department of Defense 5220.22-M. Get started with by visiting .